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Say Good-Bye to those Saggy, Flabby arms and Say Hello to your

New Sexy ArmsIn Just 5 Minutes a Day!!!

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How it Works

The secret to sexy, toned arms is SpinGym®'s unique "Gyrotronic Resistance Training" (GRT), developed by celebrity fitness expert Forbes Riley. GRT engages all your upper body and core muscles, the second you start your SpinGym® workout. SpinGym® is designed to tune up, not bulk up. Wave goodbye to flabby arms with just 5 minutes a day!

The SpinGym Effect

The vibrating, slightly irregular load created by the rotation of the SpinGym's Central Weighted Disc provides resistance exercise for the muscles – firming, strengthening and toning them. The SpinGym Effect – you'll look and feel more confident in clothes that reveal your arms, chest and back!

Overall Wellness & Health

  • Improve muscle tone, coordination, muscle definition.
  • Stimulate cardio systems which assists in blood oxygenation and release of endorphins.
  • Increase mind/body connection.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Amp metabolism, burn calories (even while sitting!).
  • Deep stretches and warms up shoulder, arm and back muscles prior to sports or workouts.
  • Improved stamina.

Strengthen Your Posture

  • Improve postural alignment
  • Works core muscles with every pull
  • Increased recruitment of smaller stabilizing muscles (especially in and around the shoulders)
  • Works to integrate core into upper body movement
  • Improved agility
SpinGym® has taken the red carpet by storm and celebrities are using it in their dressing rooms, on set and for all those important occasions when they "dare to bare" their arms! It's been the hit of the award seasons from the Grammy's to the Oscars, Golden Globes to ESPY's!!

Aisha Tyler-Works out with the SpinGym®

Molly Sims-Loves the SpinGym®

Definitely good exercise for the arms and chest – even felt it in my core! Plus, very good fun at the same time. So simple and so effective... I definitely recommend the SpinGym®!~ Tori Spelling

“Thought it was a toy: can't believe how effective it is... perfect for men and women.” ~William Shatner

Ed O'Neill-Building muscle with SpinGym®


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